Sunday, September 20

bomb in a birdcage

Have you ever had
one of those days
when everything
should be perfect
but nothing is

Just because I'm surviving, doesn't mean it's okay.

I want to start something new. Revolutionary. Step out of the ordinary. I've been living a day to day, monotonous, repetitious life. School. Volleyball. Homework. Sleep. Rinse. Repeat.

Any ideas on how to spice up someone's normal, average life? I feel boring and I am not a boring girl. Time to get crazy! I'll inform you of any progress that may take place.

p.s. highlight of my day? noticing a man at church's pant leg was tucked into the back of one of his shoes.

1 comment:

miranda said...

So, how has your normal, average life been? Ive been thinking of you and praying that God will give you something special in your day to day. I hope you are feeling blessed. love you!