Saturday, September 12

Saturday night :)

Well, I've been productive today. Or not productive. Depends on what you would consider productive. If you see movie watching, eating, more movie watching, and then more eating productive...then I get an A+ for the day.

But for my own sanity and wellbeing, I'm pretty sure my day of vegging out was mentally productive. Sometimes a person just needs a day of nothing in order to cope with busyness of the previous week…or weeks :) I would say I was successful today.

I was convincing a friend to buy a Snuggie today, and I have for you my top ten reasons to buy a Snuggie:

10. No hand restrictions
9. You can be warm and still play board games, text, read, surf the internet, or hit people
8. Economic, $14.99 at Target for a multifaceted blanket
7. Everybody’s getting one
6. The commercial is superb and deserves to make money…did you see them drinking hot chocolate?
5. It is able to be worn as a robe if you put it on backwards
4. The robe could double as a long fuzzy trench coat when worn in public
3. Great for wearing at family events
2. If you get an animal print, you can hide easily in the jungle, or have a Halloween costume
1. Washable, in case of any accidents that may occur

These aren’t in any particular order, but it definitely justifies my spending $15 on a blanket. And hopefully it convinces you to purchase one as well.

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