Wednesday, October 14

Passport? Check.

Trinidad. February. 2010.

I've been blessed with the opportunity to go overseas and share God's promise and truth with high school kids at a camp in Trinidad. I'm ecstatic! I've never been more excited to be asked to go on a trip :) A team from my college is going out in the middle of February for an eleven day trip.

In February, there is a huge nationwide celebration in Trinidad called Carnival. It's pretty much like a Mardi Gras festival, only exponentially bigger. The camp I'm going to be working with is like an escape for the kids in Trinidad. They get away from the massive party scene and get to experience an entirely different kind of setting. The team from NCC will be leading worship, but my focus will mainly be on the kids and connecting with them. I'm so excited to interact with the high schoolers! I'm intrigued with different cultures, what everyday life is like for them, and how it is so different or similar to my own.

I'm excited for the trip, but actually right now I would really love some prayer for those kids who will be at the camp. Pray for their hearts to soften, and for them to hear what God has in store for their lives. Prayer for the team and the preparation for the trip would also be amazing.

I'm too excited for words right now :) more later.

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