Sunday, September 13

I’m a Judge Judy

When you come through my Scooter’s drive thru, I judge you based on the coffee or drink you order. For example:

Large Carmelicious, Skinny, Sugar-free, but with whipped cream
     This obviously means you’re trying to be healthy about going through the drive thru at a coffeehouse, so you get it sugar free and with skim milk…but you ruin it with adding whipped cream, because it’s actually worse than if you left it regular with no whipped cream. So you are a bad dieter.

Brewed coffee with a ton of cream and 10 splenda packets
     Ok really? Just get a latte. This is a poor man’s latte because you are just adding stuff to coffee and the creamer is bad for you. Get a latte with steamed milk and espresso. It’s better. Stop being cheap.

Small mocha smoothie, skinny…and a muffin.
     The small mocha smoothie means you don’t want a lot of smoothie because they are not too good for you. Well guess what? The muffin is worse for you than anything else here. It’s got enough calories for an entire meal. Get a large mocha smoothie that’s skinny and skip the muffin. You’ll be better off. And skip the whipped cream.

I could go on…but you don’t want to be bored I’m sure. Just wanting you to know that every time you go through a drive thru, you’re probably being judged…so watch what you order :)


Beth said...

I get a Medium Hazelnut Soy Latte on most occasions... what does this say about me?

miranda said...

you are awesome and this was a fun post. I too am curious what you would say about me... I do not know what it would be called there. But normally when I go I get a large carmel frappichino type thing. It's my favorite. Sometimes with only one shot of expresso. I like me some sweetness with my coffee.