Saturday, October 3

shut your eyes and think of somewhere...

spice up your life! i've discovered a cure to monotony. by george i've got it!

did you ever realize how much more fun life is with different dialects and accents? well. it really is. every bright idea comes in the form of a british accent. every insult is funnier with a hint of ghetto fabulous. and every wednesday is exponentially happier with speech impediments.

so my room mates and i have been adding a little bit of culture in our room. it's a true melting pot. here's what we've come up with:

yo' mama monday: shoot gurrrrl. ghetto fab. kool aid hurr dye....uhh thats nasty.

tennessee tuesday: bring ur sweet tea and fried chicken y'all. southern dialect all the way.

withsping wednthday: every speech impediment you could possibly imagine. sounds pretty special.

UK thursday: a british kind of day. a little cockney thrown in there, East London. harry potter is a good way to develop this kind of tongue.

freedom friday: pick whatever you want. australian, irish, stuttering, mute. it's up to you. i personally enjoy being a ghetto brit. good fun.

weekends are break time. it's hard being so worldly! if you want to try to mix it up...give the dialects a shot. its good stuff. youtube also has some wonderful tutorials. so go crazy folks.

i'll end with a random top ten:
top ten reasons i wish i was at disney world right now
10. i wouldnt be here in the cold
9. themed restaurants
8. i could wear my lilo and stitch shirt and fit in
7. i would like to ask belle about her relationship with the beast made human. weird transition i'd assume.
6. funnel cake
5. disney world has underground trashcans
4. 3D shows everywhere
3. rollercoasters
2. i feel like a kid again in disney world
1. i need a mouseketeer hat. need.

with love <3


miranda said...

this makes me smile. I can just hear you in all your many dialects. :)

ravi said...

bumm, bhere bis bhe bay bhere bou balk bike bis balyse? bhere bis bit?!?!?!?!